Setting the Table for Deep Conversations

Lifetree Café is an hour-long, interactive video experience featuring real people’s real stories, biblical insights, and plenty of time for deep conversation.

The Lifetree Café program is built to naturally lead you into discussions about the topics and issues you face in everyday life, all while revealing important truths about God. By creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere, Lifetree Cafe produces the fertile soil needed to guide you into the meaningful spiritual conversations you crave.

Lifetree Cafe is:

  • Real Stories with real people speaking in their own words.
  • Relationship Building through fun and interesting questions and conversation.
  • Spiritual Growth through meaningful discussion and thought-wrestling topics.
  • God’s Truth applied to daily life.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Milaca, Minnesota has created a great place to come and take part in this experience. We have GREAT coffee and espresso drinks made from scratch, good food, comfortable seating and atmosphere, and a welcoming crew to help when you need it.

For more information about St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, visit our website. For more information about the Lifetree Cafe program, visit lifetreecafe.com.